A Network for Growth

Who’s Behind the Network

Developed by one of Australia’s leading business strategist and real estate performance coach, Michael Sheargold, the Network offers a select group of Independent real estate professionals, access to the most advanced learning and development systems in the world today.

With just 1 in 30 agencies being invited to participate throughout Australia and New Zealand, the Network is an exclusive one. The information, strategies and growth framework you’ll have access to will give you an even greater competitive edge in your market.

Representing a powerful new direction for leadership, advice and competitive edge strategies while connecting like-minded real estate professionals who are committed to growth and development of their business.

My mission is to transform the reputation and results of the real estate profession as well as the level of service offered to clients.

The Simple Idea

Some of the best ideas in the world are incredibly simple.

The idea behind Real Estate Results Network is exactly that – to help progressive Independent Principals and their teams produce outstanding results.

The goal is to help you unlock the growth potential in every person within your business by delivering a breakthrough learning and development system combined with high-quality networking with other leading Independent Agencies.

RER Network Is Focused on Your Business Having:


The right Strategy


The right Structure


The right Standards


The right Systems


The right Skills


The right Service


The right Support

Real Estate Results Network design

Real Estate Results Network is designed to help you and your team stand out in the marketplace in a positive and significant way.

The Network gives you the best of both world – your complete independence and the Power of the Network.

And now the opportunity is open to you.