Membership Benefits

A Dedicated Business Development Team Working for You!

Everyone in real estate knows how important it is to work ON your business and not just IN your business.

The challenge is having both the time and the expertise to invest in taking your business to the next level.

As a Member of Real Estate Results Network, you have Michael Sheargold and his team of dedicated support specialists constantly working on and refining strategies to help you realise your business potential.

We’re committed to developing and enhancing the best business and team development strategies, plus delivering these to you so you can implement them powerfully.

Add to that the sharing of ideas from around the Network, and you have a real competitive edge in your market.

A Long Term Partnership with You

When you join Real Estate Results Network, you can feel confident that we’re not interested in a “one-hit wonder” relationship. The days of gaining true sustainable competitive advantage by going to one-off seminars are numbered.

We realise that for you and your team, having a partner that thinks about long-term success and growth of your business is critical for you to achieve your goals.

Add to the business development and skill building programs, you gain from being the exclusive Member in your immediate market (we call it Your Primary Marketing Area). This means no other agency can join and gain access to specialist resources, learning, systems and support of RER Network.

In fact, you’ll have extra recruitment and retention tools over your competitors – the only agency in your marketplace to have the benefits of Network Membership. We’re committed to your success long-term. And as your needs change, so will the services we deliver to you and your team.

Without the Network, you’ll ask… “How do we do this?”

With the Network, you’ll ask… “Who in the Network has done this?”

Clearly this massively increases your chance of success.


RER Network is a whole agency solution for Independent Agencies.

The Network is exclusive in the fact that once we begin working with your agency, we do not work with any other agencies in your Primary Marketing Area.

It’s unique in the way that we support your independence and individuality while focusing on your commitment to grow and develop your business.