On-Demand Programs

On – Demand Programs to help you achieve your goals faster

Welcome to Results

This 42 module program is designed to become a foundation of your personal and professional success. Once completed, and signed off by your manager, you’ll receive a Results Accreditation Level One.

This program “walks you through” the skills, strategies, mindset and dialogue you need to succeed in real estate.

Service First

As the name suggests, Service First comes before a listing, sale or rental. This program is for everyone in your agency where you and your team members will walk through the powerful ServiceFirst Framework.

Simply put, the more people who are singing your praises based on their service experience, the greater word of mouth and business momentum.

Agent BootCamp

Want to beef up your agent success strategies? Agent BootCamp is now on-demand meaning you choose when and where you watch each of the results-producing modules.

You’ll walk through the 6 Key Goals of Agent BootCamp – building your ability to Generate, List and Sell even more effectively.


If you’re in a SuperTeam (aka EBU) or looking to build your team, then this program is for you. You’ll have the chance to walk through the 5 S’s of a SuperTeam and build your ideal team growth plan.

Having the right Strategy, Structure, Standards, Systems and Style in your team will unlock a new level of performance.

Coach the Coach

Set yourself apart from other leaders and advance your coaching skills. The heart of this ultimate empowerment program is enhancing your ability to help other people succeed.

You’ll understand how to apply different strokes for different folks plus learn when and how to use the 9 powerful coaching frames.

Future Leaders

Supporting you to build your leadership skills is what this program is all about. As a future leader in your agency, you’ll gain greater clarity on the Lead – Manage – Coach model.

The goal is to help you become a talent amplifier and grow the positive culture in your agency

Unlocking Your Leadership

This program is designed to help you tap into a new level of leadership. Are you born a leader or do you learn the skills, strategies and mindset to take your leadership to the next level?

These 21 modules have been hand selected to help you bring out the best in others.

Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer is an online program designed for anyone who runs or has a training responsibility with your business.

The ultimate goal of this program is to help create a really effective training and learning system for you and your team.

7 Keys to Agent Success

Looking for an audio program to listen in your car, while you power walk or do a workout? Then this is designed for you.  New real estate professional – you’ll learn the 7 keys to help you succeed.

Experienced – you’ll gain massively in doing a powerful reset to take your results and success to the next level.

Real Estate Results Network is designed to help you and your team stand out in the marketplace in a positive and significant way.