The Power of The Network

The 10 Core Elements You and Your Team will experience as a Network Member

A true partnership in your growth.  We see this relationship as a long term one. One that will see your business grow, your team achieve more and your brand and marketing take your business to new heights.

1. Leadership Development

“Your business will never outperform your leadership” and as the Leader you have access to a whole new level of the Leadership Development Programs, tools and strategies.

You gain instant access to the Network KnowledgeBase with a range of resources specifically designed for Principals to enhance your leadership skills.

2. Business Planning Support

As a Leader, your team is counting on you having a clear and focused pathway forward.  One of the first learning sessions you will experience is a 3 hour Private Business Strategy Session with Michael Sheargold to define your 3 year outlook on your business.

This is where we focus solely on you and your business and any areas of improvement.  You’ll leave the session with a clear view on how to take your business to next level, fast-tracking you to achieving your goals sooner.

3. Team Development

Our goal here is to help you and your team get smarter, faster – in such a way that you’ll lead your market with superior strategies and tactics to gain even stronger market leadership.

With RER Network on your team, you’ll benefit from a model of learning and development that builds on prior knowledge and appeals to the different levels of skills and performance.

The advanced training and coaching programs are designed to support you delivering to your team the skills, strategies, dialogue and mindset to have them winning much more business. With quarterly group MasterMind sessions, weekly Agent Growth Insights and access 24/7 to tools on the KnowledgeBase your team will truly have more support at their finger tips than ever before.

Add to this our focus to help you recruit and engage great people and your business will develop faster towards your goals.

4. Systems & Resources

You’ll quickly discover at RER Network we live by… “If it’s worth doing again, create a system for it.”

So you’ll benefit from leading edge systems all designed to streamline your business and have you and your team operating more efficiently.  All systems have been tested and proven in high performing agencies. So you gain the benefit without the development time and hassle. We call this “Plug and Play” systems. Rather than building every new idea or system from the ground up, you’ll be able to “Plug and Play” a system from the Network or one of your fellow Members and then simply customise it for your market

With the Network you’ll ask… “Who in the Network has done this?”  

Without the Network you’ll ask… “How do we do this?”  

Clearly one massively increases your chance of success.

5. Marketing & Branding Innovations

As a Network Member, you have exclusive use of the Real Estate Results Network Member logo – designed to support and position you as THE agency of choice in your marketplace. 

This positioning extends to public relations, marketing, social and advertising; all designed to strengthen your brand by adding even more power to it.

Plus as you join the Network, we ask you to submit all of your marketing materials so we conduct a Brand & Marketing Review giving your greater insight into your brand positioning and advancing market presence.

You also have access to a Public Relations strategy along with the rights to use Real Estate Results Network Member logo to further differentiate and support you market position.

Add to this the annual Marketing Showcase where every Member showcases their marketing materials at the annual Principal Advance Conference.

And because the Network is based on sharing openly, you’ll be able to pick and choose ideas to take your brand and marketing even further.

6. Performance Recognition Program & Awards

Being able to recognise your team members effectively is an important aspect of engaging great people. The Network supports you and your team by delivering a range of targeted recognition and rewards programs.

This is the Network’s night of nights where we celebrate the outstanding performances Networkwide.  The Australian Real Estate Results Awards (ARERA’s) run in conjunction with our annual KickStart conference where leaders, sales, property managers and operations come together to learn during the day and celebrate at night!

The Results Accredited Agent Program is yet another way to help Members to stand out in the marketplace as the superior choice of Agents. Our goal is to have every Agent in the Network become Results Accredited within their first 6 months of Membership. They are required to complete Agent BootCamp and for new Agents the 12 week Launch Program and Results Passport.

All of this is focused on the most important keys to Agent success. It provides your effective sales strategies to rapidly accelerate agent’s results.

7. Your Exclusive Primary Marketing Area (PMA)

A key benefit of Network Membership is exclusivity within your marketplace. In your Primary Marketing Area, no other competitors can gain Membership to Real Estate Results Network.

The Network strategies, systems, tools, resources and cutting edge dialogue is yours – giving you the ultimate competitive advantage.

8. Online KnowledgeBase (KBase) Network Resource Centre

We have all heard the saying… “Knowledge is Power”  and we fully believe it not only give your team power but importantly confidence to realise their potential.  The online Network Resource Centre takes coaching support to a whole new level with 24/7 access to audios, email templates, marketing ideas, scripts, videos, role-plays and more.

The Library of resources is invaluable with a collection of interviews and audio programs.  For example, if you missed a Sales MasterMind live, it’s easy – jump on the Kbase and you’ll find it there for your review.   

This KnowledgeBase provides a new level of access to what you want and when you want it – you’ll simply enter the keyword or topic and up will come a list of resources to help on that topic.  All of this is designed to radically increase your speed to market in a positive way.

9. On Demand Programs

The KBase also is home to all the on-demand programs for you and your team.  Each program has been custom created to support your growth.

You will find an impressive library of on-demand programs for different people in your business – all designed for you and your team to develop their skills, strategies and mindset for even greater results. This library becomes your resource centre available 24/7  for you to use in team training, with new recruits or for agents wanting to take their career to a new level, or for leaders to gain insights.

10. Networking with like-minded Leaders

At RER Network we believe “none of us is as smart as all of us”.  So a core to your Network Membership is the ability to tap into a much broader network of leaders across Australia and New Zealand.  Not only does this create growth opportunities to take a strategy proven in another market and apply it immediately into your business, it also inspires growth when you hear of other’s successes in applying growth strategies.  

Through a combination of conferences and online BoardRooms and MasterMinds, the Network creates additional opportunities for growth.

Real Estate Results Network is designed to help you and your team stand out in the marketplace in a positive and significant way.